Meet The Squad's Coach

Lindsey Lax

Lindsey is the "Nutrition Guru" of the squad. She is an entrepreneur, a mother of 3 and always dressed in workout clothes (even when she’s not working out).  Lindsey started her career by leveraging her direct marketing expertise to co-found a digital marketing agency that specialized in media buying and lead generation services.  After having success for many years, becoming a mom and having her own personal sturggle with food, Lindsey became passionate about health and nutrition.  She co-founded Ironwill Kids, an organization that has nutrition education programs that run in over 115 schools across the country.  In 2012, Lindsey and Ironwill Kids were accepted and participated in Wharton's prestigious education accelerator program. Lindsey has spent the last seven years working with behavioral science experts from Columbia University and health experts from Mount Sinai Medical Hospital to stay on the cutting edge of nutrition practices.  Lindsey received her certification in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University and has a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin.  

Currently, Lindsey is the co-founder of YourHealthSquad which is a soup to nuts health experience that transforms people into their best selves.