I decided to work with Lindsey because I wasn’t making the right choices on my own and felt having someone to be accountable to, even for a short period, would help. Lindsey turned out to be so much more. I grew up thin so putting on the weight as I hit 30 took me by surprise. I’d never had to watch what I ate and didn’t have the best eating habits. Since then I’ve dropped weight and regained more times than I care to remember. With a host of health issues running in my family I knew I needed to make a real change before I got older and those same health issues became mine. Enter Lindsey.
From our first conversation to our first meeting Lindsey was so encouraging and has remained the best cheerleader throughout. My goal has been more about being healthy but the vanity portion doesn’t hurt. I wanted food to become a fuel source, as it should be, not a reward after a bad day or a way to celebrate a good one. So I was ready to commit to the first eight weeks of really overhauling my diet. I joke that I have eaten more vegetables (not my favorite) in the last two months than I did in the prior two years. That is all thanks to Lindsey. After reviewing food labels with her I made huge modifications to my food shopping habits. I think one of the biggest changes that has helped is her insistence on planning. I work a lot and spend too much time in an airport. My weekly food plan has become essential and packing snacks for crazy days filled with meetings or delays in an airport takes away the former habit of buying something quick that is unhealthy. Lindsey has even gotten me on a workout schedule which is a minor miracle.
I’m still on this journey of getting healthy and losing weight but for the first time in years I actually have confidence that I will reach my goal and be able to maintain. This wasn’t a diet, this was absolutely changing the way I eat and the way I think about food. And I have Lindsey to thank for getting me on this path of a better way of living.
-Leslie K

At the end of an epic World Series last year, I came home and looked in the mirror. I had ballooned to 240 lbs. I looked and felt terrible. I had never really been in shape most of my life but this was a new low. It was time for a change. I had tried everything over the years from Jenny Craig to all the different shake gimmicks. All were the same. Maybe you lose some weight but you quickly gain it back. I went to the Dr. for an annual checkup and it wasn't good. I was pre-diabetes, cholesterol was through the roof etc.

Then I met Lindsey Lax. I mean I had met her before- she is married to a good friend of mine. That said, I never paid attention to what she did for work. Turns out she is the best nutrition coach on the planet (I am biased of course). We met to discuss my situation. She said we were not going on a diet, we are going to change our eating habits. We are not going to count calories, we are going to eat healthy. Long story short, this morning I hit 209, down from 240. While the journey is not over ( I want to get to 195), it is a milestone. I'm no longer pre-diabetes, mo cholesterol is better than it ever was, and I just feel healthy. I know it would have been impossible to achieve this without Lindsey! She has and continues to guide me to make the right choices. When I need to eat out, I tell her where and she gets the menu and tells me what I can eat and what i cannot. I still don't count calories, I don't buy any magic powders or pills, I only eat things you can buy in the market that are healthy. Most importantly I feel great. 

-Noah G

When I started working with Lindsey, I knew I needed to make some changes in my diet and lifestyle.  I had thought limiting some of the junk food, watching my carbs and watching how much I ate would be the deference, and Lindsey would really be there to make sure I did what I was suppose to.    I was wrong... Lindsey really educated me on how to truly pay attention to what I feed my body.   To watch not the fat and calorie intake - but what ingredients were in the foods that I was eating.   I took what Lindsey said to heart - and jumped in with both feet.   I have never  been happier.   Not only have I reached my weight loss goal, but I feel better, my energy level is much higher and I don't crave any of the junk food I was eating!   Lindsey is the perfect person to have in your corner - she has been my cheerleader from day 1, always encouraging me, sending me recipes and suggestions for food to try.   She has been available anytime - day or night with questions.   I can truly say at almost 90 days in, that this is a lifestyle (not a diet) that I have adopted - and I have Lindsey to thank.  
-Jill C

I had been in the best shape of my life when I met my now wife and when I started working for Equinox.  I figured it would only get better from there.  Everything in my life and career did grow over the next 7 years including my stomach.  I no longer was that 210 lb guy doing half Ironmans.  I was now having my 3rd child and weighing 273 lbs.  I was extremely busy at work overseeing multiple Equinox clubs in NYC and I was not thinking of myself.  It was May 15th and my 3rd son was only 4 days old. I knew I had to make a change for them, for my wife, and most importantly myself.  I decided to meet with Lindsey and talk to her about changing my life. It was the best thing I could do. She was patient and held my hand.  It is now day 66 and the results are amazing.  I am down to 241lbs and lost over 7% body fat Meanwhile I have kept my lean muscle. Overall, I am healthier and sleeping better.  People say "oh what diet are you on?"  I reply with...it's not a diet, I have changed my life and the way I eat.  I am not missing out on anything, just eating cleaner and still enjoying myself.  I look forward to what the next 66 days bring. This life change that is making me a better father, husband, boss and overall person.  
-Scott P

Lindsey has changed my life in the best way possible. She made it easy to not only eat healthy but also to fully understand what healthy eating is. She is not only a nutrition coach but a mentor and life coach. And I can still drink wine! Lindsey teaches you to cut out the bad and eat the good. She even came to my house and cleaned out my pantry and helped me with healthy choices for my kids. She is a life changer. 
-Melissa G

Working with Lindsey was the best investment I could have made for myself, my family and my future. I will forever be thankful! I had slowly put on the pounds over the past 5 years and was constantly bouncing back and forth between diets and fad workouts but could never keep up with them due to my demanding travel, business and social event calendar. After getting engaged and looking at the pictures taken on what felt like the best day of my life and only thinking, "I hate the way I look in those photos," I knew I had to make a change that would result in long lasting healthy eating and lifestyle habits. It was then that I I turned to Lindsey for help after reading a glowing testimonial from a friend in my industry and I am so grateful that I did!
From the moment I first spoke with Lindsey on the phone, I felt an instant connection and that she totally got me. We started working together immediately and she provided everything she said she would and more. From the morning inspirational texts to constantly being available for questions, providing a ton of delicious and easy recipes and taking the time to go through my long list of frequently visited restaurants, she was always there to give me the push I needed and hold me accountable. I had so many trips and events coming up in the first few weeks of the program which in the past would have been my first excuse why it "wasn't a good time to start a diet," but Lindsey helped me handle them with ease and preparation. After those first few trips it felt like second nature and a relief that I had it under control and didn't need to stress about eating unhealthily on the road. People started to take notice not only in my weight loss but in my self control and decision making even when there were temptations galore all around me. Lindsey gave me that strength, accountability and support.
Today, exactly 3 months from when we started our journey together, I have reached the goals we set and feel like a new person. I have completely changed my relationship with food and have learned so much about what ingredients we need to fuel our bodies for a healthy lifestyle. I cannot thank Lindsey enough for the tools she has given me to live a healthy, active and happy life!
-Lauren H